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World Famous Fish & Chips

At Harry Ramsden’s, we have been serving up World Famous Fish & Chips since 1928, that’s over 90 years of experience! So, as you can imagine, we’re pretty good at it by now. During that time, Fish & Chips has remained our nation’s favourite dish and we’re proud to have been dishing it up at incredible locations across the country, including our 420-seater restaurant in Bournemouth – one of the largest in the world!

Our delicious, sustainably sourced fish, coated in our top-secret batter mix and fried to perfection, is partnered with light and fluffy British potatoes, creating a perfect meal fit for any occasion.

Here at Harry Ramsden’s, we have a passion for what we do best and want to share that with you each and every time you visit. We ensure the same high-quality standards in all of our Restaurants and Takeaways, remaining dedicated to continuing the quintessence of our founder, keeping our loyal customers coming back time and time again for the tastiest Fish & Chips on the planet.

Our fish is top notch and whilst every care is taken in its preparation in-store, please remember that it's a natural product so we can't absolutely guarantee no bones will be present.

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Harry’s History

Harry Ramsden opened his original Fish & Chip shop in December of 1928, paying £150 for a humble wooden hut near the tram stop at White Cross in Guiseley, West Yorkshire. Word soon spread far and wide that Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chips were well worth the visit to Guiseley. Delivering his chippy fayre to local mills such as Moons and Peates, Harry’s reputation for quality continued to grow, resulting in the opening of his first restaurant premises in the same location at White Cross, 3 years later in 1931.

Complete with wall-to-wall fitted carpets, oak panelled walls and beautiful chandeliers, Harry Ramsden’s restaurant was second in glamour only to The Ritz in London. It quickly became renowned as the best spot for Fish & Chips, and diners soon flocked from all over the world; often being entertained by piano recitals from Harry Ramsden’s now famous nephew, Harry Corbett, creator of Sooty and Sweep.

In July 1952, the restaurant broke the Guinness World Record for the most portions of Fish and Chips served in a day, serving 10,000 people who flocked to join and celebrate the 21st birthday of Harry Ramsden’s famous restaurant. With a staff of over 50 fryers and the local constabulary kindly providing queue control!

Harry’s legacy is woven into the fabric of the modern-day Harry Ramsden’s restaurants and we are passionate about continuing the high standards, nostalgia and quality that made his Fish & Chips World Famous.