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Quality and Sustainability

Since they first appeared in the 1860s, Fish & Chips have been a firm favourite with generations of Brits and remain so today. At Harry Ramsden’s we’re proud to have been serving up the nation’s best loved meals for over 90 years! We are also proud that we can trace the path of our fish from sea to plate, and potatoes from earth to plate.

Harry’s Fish

We take our responsibility for sourcing only sustainable fish and seafood very seriously.

That’s why at Harry Ramsden's, we are making it our mission to ensure there are ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ for future generations.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best of the world’s catch from well-managed and sustainable fisheries, while leaving enough in the seas for future generations to savour! Today, our customers enjoy fish and seafood which is sourced from Certified Sustainable Fisheries.

With sustainability in mind, our tasty cod and haddock are caught in the North East Atlantic where stocks of each are in greater abundance. The fish which have made us world famous are caught in the Barents and Norwegian Seas, and upon landing on board, they are immediately cut and frozen to below -18oC – all this takes place at sea.

Our cod and haddock will remain at this temperature permanently, as they travel to land based cold storage until the moment they are delivered into our kitchens. Once in our kitchens, our skilled team of filleters get to work cutting the fish to size, ensuring there is no wastage. When your order comes in, our talented team of fryers then take over, coating the fish in Harry’s secret recipe batter and cooking to order.

Harry’s Chips

We’re proud to support the British farming community, by using only the freshest and best crops of potatoes to make our World Famous chips.

We source our potatoes from many British farms, each of whom specialises in different varieties. The reason we do this is because the varieties we serve change regularly to ensure that only the most “in season” potato is used any given time of the year.

Once delivered to our kitchens, our hard working teams of chippers up and down the country prepare and freshly cut the potatoes, which are then lovingly cooked before being teamed up on the plate with their perfect partner, the fish!