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Fish King!!

American speed eater Randy Santel has become Harry Ramsden’s Challenge Champion, after devouring a massive 600gms of fish, one serving of large chips (200gms), 2 large sides and 4 slices of bread and butter in just 13 minutes and 14 seconds – and then topping it off with a serving of Bread and Butter Pudding.

The professional food eater is in the UK to take on a number of food challenges across the country, however this was his first Fish and Chip Challenge and he left the team at Harry’s in Manchester almost speechless!
Chris Walter, Head of Operations at Harry Ramsden’s comments
“We take our hats off to every customer who can defeat the Harry’s Challenge, however, Randy deserves a special mention, as the usual challenge is 350 gms of fish – he took one look at it and asked us to increase it – when it comes to Man v Food, Man most certainly won this one!!”
Randy said;
“I got a certificate of completion and a sweet t-shirt proclaiming my victory and I even got some proper bread pudding for dessert!! Thank you to Harry’s for having me do their delicious challenge!!”
Having already travelled the world in search of eating competitions, Santel currently holds a whopping 209 titles in establishments world-wide, all of which have been achieved in just over 4 years of becoming a food challenge champion.

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