We care about the environment


At Harry Ramsden, we care about the environment and will always endeavour to ensure that we look after our planet for both now and in the future.

We work hard with all of our suppliers to ensure that our products are as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, all of our takeaway boxes are recyclable, and we source all of our products locally where possible.

Harry’s World Famous Chips

We’re proud to support the British farming community, by using only the freshest and best crops of potatoes to make our World Famous chips. At every Harry Ramsden outlet, our on-site teams of ‘chippers’ hand prepare the potatoes to make fresh chips for you, every day.

Today, the chips you’re enjoying at Harry’s are sourced from farms in the UK, and you can be sure, we always aim you receive fresh chips, made only from the highest standard of potatoes possible, every time!

Sustainable Sourcing

Protecting Tomorrow – Today

Since 1928, Harry Ramsden has been providing the finest fish and seafood to our customers and as leaders in the restaurant industry, we take our responsibility for sourcing only sustainable fish and seafood very seriously.

That’s why at Harry Ramsden, we are making it our mission to ensure there are ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ for future generations.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best of the world’s catch from well-managed and sustainable fisheries, while leaving enough in the seas for future generations to savour! Today, our customers enjoy fish and seafood which is sourced from the following fisheries:

Species Fishing Method Fishing Area
Cod Demersal Otter Trawl NE Artic (Barents & Norwegian Sea & Iceland) & NE Atlantic (IGP Icelandic Cod, ICES V)
Haddock Demersal Otter Trawl, Seine Net NE Atlantic (NE Artic Iⅈ North Sea, Skagerrak & Kattegat IV & IIIa; Rockall Vib, Iceland)
Scampi Demersal Otter Trawl West Scotland (North & South Minch, clyde)
Alaska Pollack Pelagic Trawl Pacific (Alaska)
Plaice Demersal Otter Trawl NE Atlantic Ivb
Salmon Farmed Norway, Scotland
Lemon Sole Seine Net, Demersal Otter Trawl, Beam Trawl NE Atlantic


If you’ve any questions about our Sustainable Sourcing policy, please just email us at info@harryramsdens.co.uk