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Harry’s Pop Up in Great Yarmouth

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Last updated: 1.37pm, Thursday 19th November 2015 by Branding Boutique

Harry’s is delighted to hosts its first ‘pop up’ at the Great Yarmouth Festive Market this weekend

Over the course of the three day launch event, (20-22 November) Harry Ramsden’s will be on site serving a range of festive, limited edition items including Winter Vegetable Soup and Mulled Wine, together with a variety of handheld snacks including Hot Dogs, Fish Bites and Onion Rings for Christmas shoppers to enjoy.

Joe Teixeira, CEO of Harry Ramsden’s, comments:
“More than any other time of the year, Christmas is a time when families come together and as a brand which has been serving families for over 85 years, events like the Festive Market in Great Yarmouth offer us an ideal opportunity to be an integral part of the local community and engage with our customers - old and new - at this special time.”

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