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Harry Ramsden’s Opening – Ecclesall Road

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Last updated: 9.22am, Thursday 3rd September 2015 by Branding Boutique

We're delighted to open our newest outlet in Sheffield on Thursday 3 September 2015. Located at 833 Ecclesall Road, this latest opening marks our continued expansion in Yorkshire - home of Harry Ramsden himself!

Vikesh Patel, owner of the Ecclesall Road store, comments:

“Having served the generations for over 85 years, Harry Ramsden’s has always been a family brand and that is as true today as it ever was, particularly when you consider our menu. I think our customers will be surprised by the range of items available which, as well as our world famous fish and chips, includes Harry’s Hot Dogs, Burgers, Pies, Vegetarian and Chicken options and of course, a range of Kids’ Meals, so there really is something for everyone in the family, regardless of age.”

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