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Harry’s Most Haunted…

Find out more about the most haunted places near our very own Restaurants

As it’s coming up for Halloween, we thought we’d get in the spooky spirit of things with a whirlwind tour of some of Britain’s most spooky places to visit near our Harry Ramsden’s Restaurants… in case you fancy working up an appetite with some ghost stories!

Let’s start with Bournemouth Town Hall…

A short walk from Harry’s, the historic Bournemouth Town Hall has had its fair share of spooks… a ghostly soldier has reportedly been sighted outside the building, getting himself a drink of water. It’s thought that he might be hanging around from the days when the building was used as a military hospital during the First World War! Spectral horses and carriages have also been reported, and a long-dead cat has been spotted in several rooms. Could it be waiting for some fish and chips?

Blackpool Grand Theatre
Another famous Blackpool landmark, Blackpool’s Grand Theatre has a lengthy list of paranormal haunting stories! Opening in 1894, the theatre was originally built in the late Victorian era. The age and history of the building makes it a perfect setting for many a ghost story! One in particular is about the lonely theatre worker, who mysteriously died in the early 1900s, only for his ghost to have been spotted wandering around the seats in the balcony area many times. We’re not sure how true this ghostly tale was, but it certainly brought a shiver to our spine!

Ordsall Hall, Salford
Our Salford Quays branch is situated a stone’s throw away from Ordsall Hall – a Tudor manor house with recorded history stretching back to 1177.
Since then, it has been home to medieval gentry, Tudor nobility, butchers, farmers, an Earl, an artist, priests, scout troops, mill workers, cows… and of course, several ghosts! One famed ghost in particular, named The White Lady, has many of her own rumours: whether she’s the maid of honour of Queen Elizabeth I, a jilted bride or Margaret Radclyffe who died of a broken heart in 1599… we’ll never know for certain, but you can try to catch a glimpse of her on the Ordsall Hall’s live Ghost Cams, every night from 5 – 8pm…!

Eastbourne Beachy Head
Eastbourne’s Beachy Head may be one the most beautiful places in the UK, but it also hosts some scary secrets – with many reports of those walking along the clifftops being greeted by some spooky guests. The most commonly sighted ghoul is known as The Grey Lady – often seen along the cliffs, she has been said to approach walkers on occasion… most people mistake her for a harmless passer by, until she suddenly vanishes into thin air!

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